zayne & grace - yosemite engagement

I have known Zayne for several years now. We lived together for a season and have been friends ever since. Once Zayne started dating Grace, I knew she was the one for him. They so complete each other and are truly perfect together. When the time was getting close for him to propose, Zayne got in touch with me and told me he wanted to ask her in Yosemite. He had never been before but since I have been several times, I was able to help him decide the best place and time for their special moment. My wife and I hiked to Taft Point to hide and wait for the time we had arranged with Zayne beforehand. We saw them coming down the trail through a telephoto lens and got so nervous and excited for what was about to happen. Zayne led Grace to the the edge of Taft Point, 3,500 feet above the valley floor, and asked Grace to be his forever. Once they had their moment together, we rushed over to celebrate with them. After that, we went straight into an engagement session in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Chris Killingsworth